Supermarket POS System

Supermarket POS System

Inventory Management

Tracking the inventory of thousands of items is no easy task. Free Merchant Terminal Supermarket POS System Solution is designed to turn inventory management into a competitive advantage. Our smart Inventory Management System allows you to track inventory by the pallet, case, item and even the ingredient. That’s right – if you run a deli or sandwich shop in your supermarket, you can track at the ingredient-level. Set low stock alerts, program automated reorder instructions, manage all vendor relations from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Go Mobile, & Stay Connected

Free Pos Terminal Supermarket POS System Solution includes a mobile-based hardware option that empowers your team to take the point of sale to customers anywhere in the store floor. You can run speedy checkout points during high traffic periods, answer customer inquiries, and track inventory. In addition, you can utilize remote login to track your team’s performance anytime, anywhere.

Customized Solutions

If your supermarket runs a specialty section, such as a deli, coffee shop, or floral shop, Free Pos Terminal can work to design a custom solution to address every aspect of your business. Integrated scale-technology makes it easy to sell by weight and you can print custom barcode labels or cards to affix to any specialty items you sell.

An All-In-One Solution

Free Pos Terminal Supermarket POS System Solution includes lightning-fast processing speed to ensure that your team can check out customers faster than you ever imagined. But we don’t stop there. Our technology solution addresses every aspect of your supermarket business so that you can manage your entire operation from one platform Sales, Marketing, Legal, HR, Customer Service, and more.

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