Taking Back an Identity

 As an identity theft recovery agency, you help victims of identity theft and those currently at risk. By helping them recover their identity, you become respected in the industry, and you can help even more people who need it. Few industries combine justice and business as well as identity theft recovery services

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You have to compose a team of well-trained employees who know how to uncover and fix fraud as quickly as possible.

However, even if you’re confident in your team, identity theft recovery is a high-risk industry simply because of its inherent difficulty. Not only does your team have to constantly be on their best game, but you also need to gain your clients’ trust. After all, they’ve already been taken advantage of, so these customers need reassurance that you’ll be able to help them.
Identity theft is difficult to tackle; you need the best in the business in your corner.

    The best in the payment processing business is Free POS Terminal; with it, you can:

    Secure payment-01 (1)

    Secure Payment

    Increase customer trust by providing secure payment options.

    Trak fraud-01

    Identify Fraud

    Identify fraud directed toward your own business.

    Billing service

    Billing Services

    Offer subscription-based billing services.

    Payment mode-01

    Payment Mode

    Take payments in person or online.

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    Subscriptions for Identity Theft Protection

    Helping customers who’ve already been victimized isn’t the only thing that identity theft recovery services offer. Your business may also offer continuous monitoring, allowing previous victims or safety-conscious individuals to keep track of their risk. To do that, you need to be able to put customers on a recurring billing cycle.

    Free POS Terminal offers simple support for recurring billing. It’s easy to introduce your customers to the concept of a subscription, which means you can expand your business past where it is now. Decrease turnover and grow your customer base; let Free POS Terminal help you offer more than just immediate assistance.

    Online or Offline

    Plenty of companies offer both online and offline options for their services. Especially if a customer has been rattled by an incident of identity theft, or he or she isn’t well-versed in using the internet, then the person may prefer to come to you directly. You need to be able to accept payments no matter how they’re delivered.

    Free POS Terminal offers a host of payment options for use either in person or online. You can set up a payment gateway on your website, or take payments using a card when you establish a contract at your office.

    Building Trust

    Payment options aren’t the only thing that victims of identity theft are looking for in a company. These individuals have usually been burned by a business before. In fact, that’s often how their identity was stolen in the first place. You need to show that you can accept payments simply and easily, with no safety issues.


    Free POS Terminal processes your payments through secure third-party servers. When customers see the security of their payments, they’re far more likely to trust your company as a whole.