Timeshares Simple, but Beautiful

Timeshares revolve around a simple principle: that it’s easier to handle small vacation payments over a long period of time than a huge chunk all at once. When you’re managing a timeshare, you’re essentially giving people access to luxurious accommodations, but instead of paying all at once, they pay in increments throughout the year.

Free POS Terminal can help Timeshares Program!

However, while timeshares may attract a more dedicated set of customers than regular hotels, they’re also considered high risk.

That’s because of the inherent structure of a timeshare: people make smaller payments year-round, so if someone decides to drop out of the timeshare, you have to work quickly to find someone to take the spot. That reliance upon your ability means that you may have a hard time establishing an account with a traditional payment processor.

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    Billing Statement

    Create recurring billing statements for your clients.

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    Track Customer

    Track who’s paid and who hasn’t.


    Online and offline payment mode

    Take however many payments you need to every month.


    Honest reputation

    Present a professional vision to both current clients and potential clients.

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    Quick Recurring Billing

    When managing properties, there are plenty of payments to manage. Rental payments, of course, are the most regular payments, but they’re not the only ones. You also need to factor in utilities, maintenance crews, insurance, parking permits, and a variety of other payments, both in and out.

    Free POS Terminal gives you the freedom to keep track of all your payments, regardless of how large they are or what they’re for. Whether you need to make sure all your tenants have paid their rent or you’re keeping track of how much has been spent on tenant repairs for certain properties, Free POS Terminal can help.

    Property Management

    Tracking Your Clients

    One of the most important parts of a timeshare is ensuring that everyone pays their part. A timeshare involves a large number of people pitching in to pay throughout the year, and if someone stops paying without formally withdrawing, that may be cause for alarm.

    When you’re taking your payments through Free POS Terminal, there’s no need to worry about individually checking payments and accounts. Instead, you can take advantage of a simple payment system that gives your clients great ease without allowing fraud.

    Completely and Totally Professional

    You may not exactly be running a hotel, but you should definitely have a presence that’s just as professional as one. Your clients want to know that you’re going to deliver on your timeshare promises, so they can rent the timeshare for years to come. The best way to do that is with a sleek and professional payment portal.

    Free POS Terminal will give you that professionalism you’re looking for. No matter what your timeshare costs or how many people make payments, you can take advantage of Free POS Terminal’s secure third-party servers. They can even integrate with your website to create a professional payment method that doesn’t clash with your look.