Risk in the Gaming Virtual World

Gaming has become a monumental industry over the years, and with the rise of accessible gaming options and more immersive technologies, it’s booming more than ever before. Whether you’re developing a fun party game, a high-tech first-person shooter, or even just a mobile app, you’re giving customers a new experience, and that’s something you can build a thriving business on.

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Because the virtual world changes so fast, however, your gaming company may be considered high-risk.

If your team works on a game for months on end, and then releases it to lukewarm sales, it can have a huge impact on the company as a whole. In addition, although gaming is a well-established industry, some traditional payment processors may shy away from your company, worrying about the novelty of the trade.

Your company deserves to be on the front lines of the gaming world, and your payment processor should be behind you all the way.

    At Free POS Terminal, you don’t have to feel like just another piece in the puzzle; you can get the support you need to thrive.

    With Free POS Terminal payment processing options, you can:

    business subscription-01-01

    Business model subscriptions

    Incorporate subscriptions into your business model.

    In-Game Transation

    In-game transactions

    Add additional in-game transactions.

    Mobile support-01-01

    Mobile support

    Provide mobile support for customer payments.

    Track cstomers-01

    Track Customer

    Keep track of all your customers, and catch fraud when it happens.

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    Adding Subscription Support

    For a long time, gaming was just another industry providing a product. Customers simply bought games and consoles as they came out, and then played on their own. Although this is a perfectly reasonable way to operate your business, many companies now offer subscriptions, reaching out to players in a new way.

    It’s easy to set up recurring billing with Free POS Terminal. With recurring billing, you can allow your customers to sign up for subscriptions. You can be sure that your customers’ payments are in good hands; all you have to do is provide the content.


    All Types of Payments

    Even though you’re in the same industry as your competitors, it’s quite possible that your business model is entirely different from that of any others. Some companies only offer fully playable games. Your company, on the other hand, may offer free games and then have additional transactions that can give players a boost. You may even offer multiple gaming transaction types: individual games, subscriptions, and in-game purchases.


    Free POS Terminal’s services are so versatile that you can monetize any way you like. Whether you need to set up subscriptions or you’re more interested in microtransactions, you can use Free POS Terminal to get it done.

    Pay Anywhere

    The online gaming world is getting more and more competitive, and a booming portion is the world of gaming apps. These apps can be played right from your phone, and if your company loves to develop that special UI, you may make gaming apps that are exclusively for mobile devices.

    Of course, when you’re offering mobile games, it makes sense to offer mobile payment options. Free POS Terminal can help you integrate a number of mobile payment options into your business model, making for simpler, faster payments.