Hit the Road with Free POS Terminal’s Roadside Assistance Merchant Accounts

Working in roadside assistance requires empathy, as well as common sense. You not only deal with stressed drivers, but you need to keep those drivers, yourself, and the cars in question safe until they’re safely deposited or the problem is resolved.

While travel accidents are, unfortunately, an almost daily occurrence, the same can’t be said for your business income. With insurance coverage spotty at best, it’s difficult to be certain how much each payment cycle will bring you, or how frequently the drivers you help will remain consistent on their agreed payments.

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In such an uncertain and high-risk industry, you may struggle to get the Roadside Assistance Merchant Account that best suits your needs.

That’s where Free POS Terminal comes in, specializing in merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. With Free POS Terminal, you can:

Recurring Invoices

Use recurring invoices to streamline payment for your clients

Billing Reminders

Automatically issue any number of charges on a monthly basis

Track Payment

Seamlessly track which clients have paid their bills and which haven’t

Security Service

Retain a detailed archive of your business transactions over several fiscal years

Project Professionalism

Car accidents are stressful for all parties involved. Clients will need reassurance that you can resolve their difficulties, whether by an on-site fix or by safely delivering them to a repair service for further help. To instill trust, you must present authority and competence, not only in the service you provide, but also in the payment transaction that follows.

A payment processor that balances aesthetics and functionality makes your clients feel comfortable doing business with you. The payment portal designed for Free POS Terminal achieves this balance of style and ease of use. There’s no litany of buttons or uncooperative, fillable forms. Instead, you can get in, get out, and establish a payment plan for your clients immediately.

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Roadside Assistance

Move Away from Instability

Accidents and vehicle malfunctions happen unexpectedly. This makes it difficult for a business such as yours to predict future income accurately. A want for financial stability is natural, but hard to establish in roadside assistance.

Even as new jobs ebb and flow, you’ll be able to use Free POS Terminal to ensure that all outstanding payments are paid in a timely manner. Free POS Terminal helps you set up billing plans for your clients on a recurring schedule, customized to suit all parties. As such, your clients will receive monthly reminders when their bills are due, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Circumventing Fraud

Stress makes people do odd things. In some cases, and especially in a business such as roadside assistance, you may find that stress results in clients falling behind or neglecting the payments they owe.

You’ll be able to use Free POS Terminal to keep up with your clients and ensure no one falls behind on their dues. Free POS Terminal monitors the frequency with which your clients pay, and if someone neglects to pay or drops off the map, you’ll be alerted right away. The payment portal Free POS Terminal uses is, without question, straightforward, but it’s also designed to safeguard you from fraud.

Roadside Assistance