Facilitate Better Payments with Free POS Terminal

As a payment facilitator, you understand the appeal of simplified business. Free POS Terminal keeps a client’s interactions with a merchant service simple, ensuring that everything from the initial onboard to the last interaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Because Payment Facilitation representatives serve as merchant account middlemen, there’s a perceived risk of client abuse. That high-risk status might make it difficult for your payment facilitator businesses to find a payment processing solution.

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Free POS Terminal specializes in providing merchant accounts to high-risk businesses. With Free POS Terminal, you can:

Accessing Invoice

Onboard without delay, keeping business operating as usual

Accessing Invoice History

Take advantage of a robust payment network, where you can automate client billings and check invoice histories as you grow

Fraud Prevention

Work with clients around the world safely and securely

Customer Support

Reach out to customer support and Free POS Terminal’s consulting staff for aid with the management and growth of your merchant account

Payment Facilitators Excellent First Impressions

The relationship between payment processors such as Free POS Terminal and payment facilitators such as yourself is symbiotic, in more ways than one. As a facilitator, you need access to a processor to aid your clients in their payment processes. However, you also need a processor to accept payments for your own services.

You’ll be able to easily make use of Free POS Terminal’s platform from the get-go. Designed with user ease in mind, Free POS Terminal keeps its onboarding process straightforward. Within 48 hours of your registration with Free POS Terminal, you’ll be able to set up your merchant account, fill in all the necessary details, and get back into the routine of business as usual.

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A Vast Payment Network

Being in the PayFac industry, you understand the value of offering a client numerous payment options. Rarely will each client prefer the same payment method, and some may be restricted to certain systems based on their region, especially on a global scale.


Free POS Terminal makes use of a vast payment network, established to not only protect your private financial information, but also to help you reach out to clients around the world.


Establish automated billing as your leisure or enable clients to manually pay you once a month. Track client payment histories with Free POS Terminal’s digital invoice library online and off. No matter what financial task you aim to complete with this platform, Free POS Terminal will help you achieve your goals and keep your finances secure.

Payment Facilitators Reach Out, Touch Base

Assuaging client fears is part and parcel when you work in a high-risk business, but it’s easy to have concerns of your own. When opening a Payment Facilitators merchant account, you need to be fully confident that it’s tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

That’s why Free POS Terminal takes a consultative approach to your merchant account. Representatives through Free POS Terminal will be able to help you create a merchant account that reflects the ambitions and means of your payment facilitating business. Reach out and let representatives work to ensure your merchant account suits your industry standard, and your business needs.

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