Payment Security in Web Development

As a web development business, it’s your job to keep up with new trends so that the content you create for your clients remains relevant and eye-catching. While that kind of endless change may be exciting, it also makes clients uneasy. How can they be certain the aesthetic, content, or graphics you create for their web pages will remain cutting-edge?

In this kind of high-risk environment, having a secure merchant account does wonders for strengthening your business’ professionalism and reliability. However, as a high-risk business, you’ll find that many places deny you a merchant account.

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That’s where Free POS Terminal comes in, specializing in merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. With Free POS Terminal, you can:

Digital invoice

Build client history thanks to Free POS Terminal’s digital invoice library

Track payments

Track client payments

Establish billing cycle

Establish a recurring billing cycle that’s as hands-off as you need it to be

Free POS Terminal’s security

Take advantage of Free POS Terminal’s in-depth security system to build client confidence

Web Development Keep Billing Flowing

Change and web development go together like peas in a pod. Change, however, breeds stress. Reminding clients that your projects need to move quickly and efficiently to take advantage of passing trends is difficult enough. Add timely payments to this equation, and you may find invoices falling behind along with those website updates.

With the use of recurring invoices, Free POS Terminal helps your clients manage the payments they owe you more effectively. When you first initiate a partnership, or any time after that, you and your client can establish a customized billing cycle. This will charge your client your exact fees once every month, no interference from you required, and no risk of forgotten payments.

This billing oversight safeguards you against client fraud and short payments, while also enabling you to move forward on new projects with confidence.

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Web Development

Web Development Online Invoicing

With the need for constant forward motion, creating a history of your web development projects may require time that you don’t have. Those histories are crucial, however, when you need to review client projects and their subsequent payments.

Free POS Terminal does the hard work for you. The platform stores your sent invoice and the clients’ responses on its secure servers. You can access this library any time, online or offline, to track a client’s payment history and ensure accuracy in your records. Through this medium, Free POS Terminal works with you to prevent fraud and create an added sense of financial security.

Straight forward Payment Processing

With the constant updates to search engines and subsequent SEO algorithms, web development is a complicated and ever-evolving industry. This requires your business to frequently revise processes and modify rates to reflect these changes.

Free POS Terminal ensures that modifying payment is straightforward and uncomplicated. Thanks to a platform that’s designed with ease in mind, you won’t need tutorials or multiple steps to arrange for billing plans or to update previous rates.

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After the click of just a few buttons, you and your clients can start chasing the next digital trend.