Bailing You Out of Financial Insecurity

The business of bail bonds isn’t one to take on lightly. You’re relying upon the judicial system, clients under significant stress, and a flow of cash that can be inconsistent, to say the least. Essentially, you’re placing your trust in a number of variable factors, and should one cog in the machine stop working, you’ll be out of luck.

That’s why it’s so difficult for those in the bail bonds business to establish a merchant account; the bail bonds game is inherently a high-risk environment. The aforementioned inconsistency in money flow, along with the audience that the bail bonds industry works with, leaves merchant account and services providers a bit gun shy, so to speak.

    bail bonds

    That’s where Free POS Terminal can help. With Free POS Terminal, you can:

    Track Payment

    Track Payment

    Track bail payments and interest with ease

    Access Payment

    Access Payment

    Access monthly payments consistently

    Recurring bill-01 (1)

    Recurring Bill

    Establish recurring bill statements for your clients and for your peers

    High quality-01

    High Quality Service

    Offer clients a reliable, safe method through which they can make any necessary payments

    Monitor Client Payments

    Clients who are seeking help with posting bail have just been through a judicial ringer. That additional stress put make everyone on edge. As such, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the payments you anticipate receiving, especially if multiple people are involved in the transaction.

    Luckily, Free POS Terminal can help. When your clients issue payments to you through Free POS Terminal, you won’t need to check in on the payments and affiliated accounts yourself. Stating that Free POS Terminal is simple to use is an understatement. Your clients will be able to maneuver through the payment process easily, while you’ll have safeguards against short payments and fraud.

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    Bail bonds

    Enjoy Expansive Accessibility

    You can also access Free POS Terminal from anywhere, at any time. Free POS Terminal allows remote access, meaning you can check in on your finances and expected payments while on the go.


    The credit card processor is also desktop accessible, which means that disabled clients will still be able to use the platform with ease. With Free POS Terminal, there’s no room for excuses, and there’s never a need for them.

    Consistent Billing in an Inconsistent Business

    Free POS Terminal offers you the option to set up recurring client payments. Therefore, even though your clientele may differ greatly, you can be confident knowing that your scheduled payments will be on track.

    • Recurring payments through Free POS Terminal allow you to set a monthly price for your clients, and the platform will remind them via email when payments are due each month. This way, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a bit of stability in an inherently unstable and high-risk business.
    • Do you want to break free and shore up your bail bonds business? Look no further than Free POS Terminal. This secure merchant services provider will make it easy to feel stable in an unstable field.
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