C-Store POS

C-Store POS

C-Store POS By Free Pos Terminal

Increase Operational Efficiency

he U.S. convenience store industry, with more than 155,000 stores nationwide selling fuel, food, and merchandise, serves 160 million customers daily—half of the U.S. population—and has sales that are 10.8% of total U.S. retail and foodservice sales. As a convenience store owner, you know that efficiency is how you make money. If you pay attention to detail and stay on top of every aspect of the business, convenience stores are an excellent vehicle to build sustainable wealth over time. The Free Merchant Terminal C-Store POS Solution is designed specifically with this thought in mind –how to drive your store to maximum efficiency, thereby improving margins and net profit.

Fast Checkout

When the lunch and after-work rush hits, failure just isn’t an option. There’s nothing worse for a customer than holding a chilled beverage after a hard day’s work and not drinking it because the line at the corner store is taking forever. With Free Pos Terminal lightning-fast processing speed, checking customers out is as it should be – quick and easy!

Never Run Out of Items That Matter

You never want to lose a sale because you are out of the product, and fortunately, with Free Pos Terminal smart inventory tracking system, you won’t!  Free Pos Terminal C-Store POS Solution turns the potential liability of inventory management into a true competitive advantage, utilizing advanced metric reading, data analysis, and customized reporting functionality. Set low stock alerts, and never run out of important items again.

Do More in Less Time

The Free Pos Terminal C-POS solution empowers you to streamline your business and stay organized because it provides a software answer for nearly every aspect of your operation. Here are just a few additional features: Generate & Receive Purchase Orders, Generate Bar Codes & Shelf Tags, Process Gift Cards for Free, Manage Employee Schedules, Hours, & Wages. And you can manage the entire operation remotely with Free Pos Terminal remote login functionality.

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