Health Food Stores

Health Food Stores

You Will Be Ready To Answer Customer Questions

The explosion of interest in healthy living over the last 20 years has revolutionized the food industry. Wal-Mart has given way to Whole Foods and Trader Joes and McDonald’s has given way to Panera Bread and Just Fresh. Health food customers tend to be curious and open by nature, and when they visit your store, they will have questions. Free Merchant Terminal POS Solution will help you answer them. Upload information on all of the products you sell into the Free Pos Terminal System, and then your team can access that information with the swipe and tap of a finger to address every customer question.

Take Control Of Inventory

Whether your health food store keeps hundreds or even thousands of items in stock at any given time, keeping it all organized with Free Pos Terminal Health Food Point of Sale Solution is a cinch. You can track inventory at the item-level with Case Break functionality, set low stock alerts, create reorder instructions to automate the vendor process, and manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard.

Integrated Scale & Barcode Technology

Most health food stores sell products by weight and by fixed price. Free Pos Terminal Health Food POS Solution takes both into account and includes integrated scale technology and the ability to price custom labels and cards for any items in your store. Accept payments in any form including debit, credit, store, or gift card, cash, and mobile payment.

Build Your Brand

Deepen customer engagement and build your brand for the long-term by leveraging the Free Pos Terminal Health Food Point of Sale Solution to create Customer Loyalty Programs. You can print and issue cards, award points, and process redemptions with ease. In addition, you can market directly to your loyal fan base, and offer them the discounts and coupons they deserve.

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