Apple Pay

Why use Apple Pay’s in-app mobile payment technology? There are several reasons why every merchant should consider adding Apple Pay as a payment option, including:

  • Greater convenience —iOS 8 is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. Adding  payment technology allows you to tap into a much larger pool of prospective buyers. This is especially true if your target market includes younger shoppers, a demographic that increasingly prefers using digital wallets over traditional Web browsers.
  • Enhanced security — When using Apple Pay’s mobile payment technology, no customer credit card details ever directly enter your payment environment. Instead, Apple assigns a unique, encrypted Device Account Number to every iPhone. It also generates a one-time transaction-specific security code for every purchase. This dual layer of protection not only helps to reduce your exposure to fraud, but it also reduces your PCI scope as a merchant.
  • Higher savings —Thanks to the above security benefits,  fees are often lower than what you might pay for traditional credit card processing. Rates vary depending on transactional volume and the nature of your business, but in most cases, merchants who use Apple Pay for business enjoy “swipe fee” savings of up to 10 percent.


Given the aforementioned benefits, it isn’t surprising that Apple Pay is quickly becoming one of the most popular in-app mobile payment solutions in the world.

However, it’s possible to further magnify these benefits when using Free Pos Terminal’s PCI-compliant payment processing solutions with Apple Pay. With our advanced fraud management protection under the hood, your customers never have to worry about their financial information falling into the wrong hands.

As a merchant, you also benefit from this integration:

  • Free Pos Terminal  allows you to easily reconcile and manage all of your payment methods in a single location — even if you accept offline transactions or those made via credit card or ACH.
  • Free Pos Terminal payment integration solutions ensure that all incoming transactions are automatically captured in the accounting and CRM tools you’re already using. This eliminates the need to manually record new sales as they occur.

Arguably best of all, integrating our secure payment processing with Apple Pay’s mobile platform couldn’t be easier. We offer detailed documentation to help you begin securely accepting payments immediately:

  • For a quick overview of how Apple Pay’s mobile payment technology works, be sure to read our free online User Guide.
  • We also offer a free Software Development Kit (SDK), which contains all the codes and scripts you need to begin processing Apple Pay transactions directly within your company’s mobile app.

If you’d like to learn more about Apple Pay integration or Free Pos Terminal secure payment processing, we’re here to help. Schedule a free consultation with our payment integration team today.

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